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Racial Justice

Black Mothers Forum – Monthly Meeting

Please join our monthly meetings to get updates on current events, social justice issues, health and wellness, economic development and legislative matters.   In order to join meeting please send email to info@blackmothersforums.com for link.

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Black Mothers Forum – Financial Literacy 103 Webinar

Black Mothers Forum and their Economic Development Team will be hosting a FREE “Financial Literacy 103” Event. Join Us Ladies for Community and Conversation! You will learn how to get educated, get organized, and take action to get your money making money right! Event Speakers: Juanita R. Williams and Tiffany Dudley Get your money making […]

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Murdoch Community Center – FATHERHOOD – ‘BARBER SHOP TALK’

Join us for a candid conversation about FATHERHOOD. There is a misperception in the United States that Black men do not care about their children and are not present in their kiddos lives. That is not true, all of us have had a father’s influence (or the influence of an uncle, cousin, friend, etc. in […]

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ACLU of Arizona – In Our Shoes 8: Facing Transition Barriers

In this In Our Shoes Workshop we will have a discussion about successful transition from incarceration back to the community. With all the barriers formerly incarcerated folks face, it is important that a supportive community is built to empower them to be successful. Register via Zoom: https://aclu.zoom.us/…/register/WN_nKvKREniTB-o6QCEiKrAVw

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Murdoch Community Center and Khara House – Kitchen Table Talk – Reflecting on the Misperception that there are no Black Fathers in America

Join us for a candid, unscripted ‘kitchen table Talk’ conversation about the misperception in America that there are no Black fathers and that Black men do not care about their children. This Kitchen Table speaks directly to this misperception and honors the black men, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, friends, that are in the lives of […]

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Amerind Museum – Free Online Lecture: Native American Women in the 21st Century with Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox, PhD

Native American women in the 21st century are reclaiming their traditional roles and influence after centuries of settler colonization. The latter adversely impacted Native women, framing their traditional roles through a patriarchal lens, and creating persistent negative stereotypes. Colonizers had little interest in understanding the roles and value of women in Native societies, rendering them […]

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Black Mothers Forum – Super Saturday School 2.0

Super Saturday School is back for the 2nd Saturday of June! This week we are going to review your legacy, family history, creating your story, and Super careers! Please request the Zoom link via email at info@blackmothersforums.com.

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