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MAYOR and CITY COUNCIL endorsements by Arizona List

El Mirage – Alexis Hermosillo for Mayor

Flagstaff – Coral Evans for Mayor;  Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter also endorses Coral Evans for Mayor and Austin Aslan for City Council

Fountain Hills – Ginny Dickey for Mayor;  Ginny Dickey is also on Deedra Abboud’s list of “personal favorites”

Mesa – Jen Duff for City Council District 4;  Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter also endorses Jen Duff

Oro Valley – Joyce Jones-Ivey for Town Council

Peoria – Brittany Burback for City Council

Phoenix – Kate Gallego for Mayor, and Vania Guevara for City Council District 5;  Planned Parenthood Advocates of AZ and Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter also endorse Kate Gallego for Mayor

Scottsdale – Solange Whitehead for City Council;  Solange Whitehead is also on Deedra Abboud’s list of “personal favorites”

Sedona – Janice Hudson for City Council


SCHOOL BOARD, BOND, and OVERRIDE recommendations from local leaders and members of the AEA Fund for Public Education and others:  

Agua Fria School Board – #BlackNovember recommends Maxine Hill, Agua Fria Education Association recommends Vickie Landis and Steve May.

Apache Junction Unified School Board – Braden Jacob Biggs is on Deedra Abboud’s list of “personal favorites.”

Balsz Elementary School Board – #BlackNovember recommends Muktar Sheikh, Balsz Education Association recommends Muktar Sheikh and Cesar Aguilar.

Cartwright Elementary School Board – Cartwright Education Association recommends John Gomez and Pedro Lopez, and Yes on the Override.

Chandler Unified School Board #BlackNovember recommends Lindsay Love, Arizona List endorses Lindsay Love, and Lindsay Love is on Deedra Abboud’s list of “personal favorites.”
Lindsay Love recommends also voting for Noemy Esparza-Isaacson.

Deer Valley Unified School Board – Deer Valley Education Association recommends Jennie Paperman.

Flagstaff Unified School Board – Flagstaff Education Association recommends Anne Dunno and Carol Haden, Yes on the M&O Override and Bond, and Yes on local measures 423 and 424.

Glendale Elementary School Board – Glendale Elementary Education Association recommends Martin Samaniego and Yes on the Bond and Override.

Glendale Union High School District – Glendale Union Education Association and Washington District Education Association recommend Yes on the M&O Override.

Holbrook Unified School District – Holbrook Education Association recommends Yes on the M&O Override.

Kyrene Elementary School Board – Kevin Walsh and David Hoye are on Deedra Abboud’s list of “personal favorites.”

Laveen Elementary School Board #BlackNovember recommends Louis Monteih and Dr. Jonathan Moore, Arizona List endorses Fern Ward.

Madison Elementary School Board – Madison District Classroom Teachers Association recommends Mitra Khazai and Marc Osborn.

Mesa Unified School Board – Mesa Education Association recommends Marcie Hutchinson, Ben Smith, and Jenny Richardson, and Yes on the Mesa Bond and Override.

Nogales Unified School Board – Professional Educators of Nogales recommend Dr. Marcelino Varona and Mary Darling, Sr.

Osborn Elementary School Board – Arizona List endorses Katie Paetz, Osborn Education Association recommends Katie Paetz and Juan Carlos Flamand.

Paradise Valley Unified School Board – Paradise Valley Education Association and Deedra Abboud recommend Julie Bacon and Susan Matura.

Peoria Unified School Board – Peoria Education Association recommends Davita Solter and Cory Underhill;  Support Peoria Students recommends Yes on the Bond.

Phoenix Elementary School Board – Arizona List endorses Elora Diaz, Phoenix Elementary Classroom Teachers Association recommends Elora Diaz and Daniil Gunitskiy.

Phoenix Union School Board #BlackNovember recommends Naketa Ross for Ward 1, Our Revolution Phoenix supports Maria Castro for Ward 3.  Arizona List endorses Naketa Ross for Ward 1, Stephanie Parra for Ward 3, and Maria Castro for Ward 5.  Arizona List, and Naketa Ross and Maria Castro recommend Katie Gipson-McLean for Ward 3.  Planned Parenthood Advocates of AZ endorses Stanford Prescott for Ward 2, and Stephanie Parra for Ward 3.

Pima Community College – Arizona List endorses Debi Chess Mabi for District 5.  Pima Community College Education Association recommends Maria Garcia and Sherryn “Vikki” Marshall for District 3, and Debi Chess Mabi for District 5.  Northside Dems also researched the political affiliations of candidates in non-partisan races, click here if you’d like to view that information.

Roosevelt Elementary School Board – Roosevelt Education Association recommends Michelle Campuzano and Nancy Pina-Gray, and Yes on the Override.

Sunnyside Unified School District – Arizona List endorses Consuelo Hernandez and Eva Carrillo Dong.

Tempe Elem. Our Revolution Phoenix supports Patrick Morales.

Tolleson Union High School Board – Arizona List endorses Corina Madruga.

Tucson Unified School Board – Arizona List endorses Adelita Grijalva and Leila Counts, Tucson Education Association recommends Adelita Grijalva, Planned Parenthood Advocates of AZ endorses Adelita Grijalva and Adam Ragan.

Washington Elementary District – Washington District Education Association recommends Yes on the Override.



Click HERE to view Deedra Abboud’s ballot choices, thanks for sharing, Deedra!  & Click HERE to view her “personal favorites” of Candidates in other districts.

Click HERE to view The People’s Voter Guide from Bazta.

Click HERE to view the Open Letter to the Community from Team Awesome.

Click HERE to view Candidates recommended by #BlackNovember.

Click HERE to view Candidates recommended by the AEA Fund for Public Education, click HERE to view their recommendations for School District Candidates, Bonds, and Overrides.  #RedForEd!

Click HERE to view Candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona.

Click HERE to view Candidates endorsed by Arizona List, click HERE to view all Candidates recommended by Arizona List.

Click HERE to view Candidates endorsed by Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter.

Click HERE to learn more about the Propositions from the Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation and the League of Women Voters of Arizona.

Click HERE to learn more about NO on Proposition 125.

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Click HERE to learn more about YES on Proposition 127.

Click HERE to learn more about NO on Proposition 305.

Click HERE to learn more about NO on Proposition 306.


Whose streets?
Our streets!

What do we want? __________* !
When do we want it? Now!
And if we don’t get it?
Shut it down!
(*fill in the blank with racial justice, social justice, economic justice, environmental justice, etc.)

I say people, you say power!
People! Power! People! Power!

Show me what community* looks like!
This is what community* looks like!
(*or replace “community” with democracy, unity, etc.)

Escucha, escucha!
Estamos en la lucha!
(translation: Listen, listen, we are in the struggle)

When our communities* are under attack, what do we do?
Stand up, fight back!
(*or replace “our communities” with black lives, brown lives, Muslim lives, trans lives, queer lives, immigrants’ rights, working people, health care, education, the environment, etc.)

We’re fired up,
Won’t take no more!

Ain’t no power like the power of the people,
Cause the power of the people don’t stop! (Say what?)

The people, united,
Will never be divided!
El pueblo, unido,
Jamas sera vencido!

Hey hey, ho ho!
__________* has got to go!
(*fill in the blank with a politician’s name, or bigotry, corporate greed, patriarchy, etc.)

Indigenous rights are human rights!
Immigrants’ rights are human rights!
Disability rights are human rights!
Trans rights are human rights!
Gay rights are human rights!
Women’s rights are human rights!
Healthcare is a human right!
Education is a human right!

The rich say get back, we say fight back!
Get back!
Fight back!
Get back!
Fight back!
(*or replace “the rich” with the right, a politician’s name, etc.)

Silence is violence!

Racist, sexist, anti-gay,
Right-wing bigots, go away!

Gay, straight, black, white,
Same struggle, same fight!

Who’s got the power?
We’ve got the power!
What kind of power?
People power!

Love, not hate,
Makes America great!

Get up! Get down!
There’s a people’s movement in this town!

Now’s the time to organize!
Give our children* better lives!
(*or replace “our children” with working people, etc.)


Money can’t buy our vote,
We are going to rock the boat!

We are going to mobilize,
Fighting back against __________*’s lies!
(*fill in the blank with a politician’s name)

__________*, you’re no good!
Never voted like you should!
__________* you’re no good!
Treat your constituents like you should!
(*fill in the blank with a politician’s name)

We are voters, we put up a fight!
No right-wing bigot can steal our rights!
(*or replace “right-wing bigot” with wall street jerk, corporate crony, etc.)


We are water!
Water is life!

Can’t drink oil!
Leave it in the soil!


Kill the bill,
Not the constituents!

Your profits!
Our pain!


Up, up with liberation!
Down, down with deportation!

Education not incarceration!
Liberation not deportation!

Ole, ole ole ole!
Si se puede!

Say it loud, say it clear,
Immigrants are welcome here!
Say it loud, say it clear,
Refugees are welcome here!

All power to the people!
No one is illegal!

Puentes, no muros!
Bridges, not walls!


We’re queer, we know it!
We’re here, to show it!
What you see is what you get,
And you ain’t seen nothing yet!

We’re here, we’re queer,
get used to it!

1, 2, 3, 4, equality’s what we’re fighting for!
5, 6, 7, 8, stop the bigotry, stop the hate!

We demand equality!


Hands up!
Don’t shoot!

Say their names!

No justice, no peace,
No killer* police!
(*or replace “killer” with racist, or fascist)

Back up, back up, we want freedom, freedom!
Racist cops on the street,
We don’t need ’em, need’ em! 

Whose lives matter?
Black lives matter!
Whose lives matter?
Brown lives matter!

It is our duty to fight for our freedom!
It is our duty to win!
We must love each other and support each other!
We have nothing to lose but our chains!
(credit: Assata Shakur)

How many black lives will you kill?
From Michael Brown, back to Emmett Till?


We need a leader,
Not a creepy tweeter!

No Trump! No KKK, no fascist USA!

Trump is a tool, of Wall Street’s rule!

No Trump! No Wall!
The whole system’s gotta fall!

Can’t build a wall!
Hands too small!


Escalate peace!

End the US war machine!
From Syria to the Philippines!


Whatever we wear, wherever we go,
Yes means yes and no means no!

1, 2, 3, 4, we won’t take it anymore!
5, 4, 6, 8, stop the violence, stop the hate!

2, 4, 6, 8, no more date rape!

Not the church! Not the state!
Women must control our fate!

Hail Mary, full of grace,
Get your rosaries outta my face!

No rosaries on my ovaries!

Stop shaming women!

We won’t go back! 

They say no choice!  We say pro-choice!

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